500 Customers

Epsilon Energia reaches its 500th customer.  Congratulations to the team for their hard work.  And to think we only started selling PAYGO 3 months ago ...

Working the Chimoio Fair

Here's the team raising the profile of Epsilon Energia alongside our payment partner MPesa

FSD Visits as we reach 800 Customers

We were delighted to showcase our progress to our partner, the Financial Sector Deepening Mozambique fund.  Thanks to them for their support

Light (Life) After Sunset Enabled By Digital Financial Services

Access to electricity can transform lives and well-being of men and women living in rural areas. Mozambique needs to invest in renewable energies to support the expansion of the electricity grid...... read more

BCI and KfW Support Our Growth beyond 2000 customers with a $300,000 Loan

Coinciding with us reaching an important milestone of 2000 family customers, we were delighted to receive the first loan under the BCI/KfW program to support the growth of renewables in Mozambique