How We Sell

Epsilon Energia Solar is the first PAYGO company to work in the rural off grid areas of Mozambique where up to 5 million households are without electricity.  We have started in Manica province in central Mozambique where we reach our customers through a network of local community, government and commercial organisations.

Our dedicated sales team has quite a task.  We must explain the technology of solar and show how it works - explaining the benefits of stronger, cleaner, and cheaper light.  Next, we demonstrate how using the PAYGO model it is possible to take the same money spent on a household budget of kerosene, candles, batteries and mobile phone charging and to use that same money to acquire a system that will be paid in a year or less, but last for 5

Finally we take all our customers through a careful discussion to ensure they select the payment plan that matches their particular circumstances most closely.  For instance, while it may seem the right choice to pay off a system over the shortest period, if we feel that this will cause financial stress in the household budget, we recommend the client picks a longer period for repayment.