Pay As You Go

For our customers the biggest barrier to acquiring a solar lighting and phone charging system is the price.  Even though it is common to see a weekly spend of 150MTN [$2.50] per week on kerosene, batteries, candles and phone charging, it is hard to convert this annual spend of 7500MTZ [$130]

Using mobile money and software which connects and communicates with our solar systems we can offer consumer finance options to our customers.  They can acquire a system for cash, or choose to pay over 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.  After paying a deposit of 1625MTZ [$27] clients pay off the balance of the cost via mobile money.  Every time they pay they receive a credit which they enter into their system via a key pad build into the unit.  Once they reach the end of their chosen payment term the system is switched on permanently, allowing them to enjoy up to 4 years of addtional use without further payment